Site development concluded.

Lingo Valley

Lingo Valley is a multi-family community of 18 Smart Homes located in Orlando

Each house will be fully Pet Friendly Smart & Eco Home (LED lighting, water saving tap nozzle and more) and provided with 24/7 Emergency Maintenance.

Months of Construction
Pet Friendly Smart Homes
Estimated Monthly Rent per Unit

Investment & Planning

Primarily, the first stage investment will be used for the following:

  • Buying the Land with its approved project;
  • Invest in building the Infrastructure on the land;
  • Invest in building 18 homes;
  • Developing a company website.
  • Developing a plan to rent the homes, once we obtain the CO’s (Certificate of Occupancy).
  • Full service property management.

Housing Market Trend

In Central Florida, 6,786 single-family units were started in the fourth quarter of 2019. This represents an increase of 4.0% compared to last year’s rate of 6,524 units. There were 6,927 closings during the quarter, an increase of 5.7%. Figure 4 reflects quarterly housing starts and closings since 2015.



The demand for the neighborhood is primarily generated by Walt Disney World Resort, Margaritaville Resort, International Drive, iDrive 360, golf courses and the Orange County Convention Center along with SeaWorld and Universal Studios. 

The number of visitors to the area has increased annually since the recession, and new development is occurring at a rapid pace. The area where the project will be developed is constantly growing, both economically and demographically, so the development of Lingo Valley turns out to be a business opportunity. According to studies, population growth in the city is expected to accelerate over the next five years. Not counting the solid tourist strength, Orlando is considered a great city to invest in rental housing.

Given the subject’s surrounding demographics, demand for existing developments is expected to be good. Generally, the neighborhood is expected to maintain a relatively moderate growth pattern in the foreseeable future.

The location is between the work force area, colleges, schools, and very close to most grocery chains.


  • The proposed homes are meant to be the dream home for American families who will have innovative features with the use of artificial intelligence.
  • The residential housing market has steadily been improving in the local market over the past several years.
  • The location is close to the Orlando International Airport and important schools.
  • The proposed homes are of sufficient size and shape for the current demand.

Market Analyses

The market analysis forms a basis for assessing market area boundaries, supply and demand factors, and indications of financial feasibility. Primary data sources used for this analysis include a market analysis report prepared for the appraiser by Metro Study.